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Metal rock headphones

Best Headphones for Rock and Metal Music

Rock and metal music are best enjoyed on live shows, concerts, and festivals. Since these are relatively “rare”, give or take a few local...
Listening EDM

Best Headphones for Electronic Music/EDM

Electronic music and EDM are generally upbeat and funky – you won’t get the same experience by listening to these genres twice, and the...
Classical music headphones

Best Headphones for Classical Music

Classical music is beautiful, artistic, and lives on even today, in the modern era. Now, with the advancement of technology, we’re capable of lifting...
Hip hopheadphones

Best Headphones for Hip Hop

Hip hop is a unique music genre – it can’t be defined or described as easily as pop, for instance, as there are numerous...

4 Cheap Audiophile Headphones

Who are audiophiles? Basically, audiophiles are people who value music a bit more than your average Joe. They really like their music and pay...