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10 Best Studio Headphones for 2019

Musicians, audiophiles, and music lovers, we’re here to present you with some of the best studio headphones for 2019. Since it’s kind of obvious...

5 Best Headphones for Drummers Playing Live & Studio

Drummers always carry a lot of gear on gigs – cymbals, crashes, rides, drumsticks, thrones, you name it. Now, if you’re a pro (or...

5 DJ Headphones Under $100 Reviewed

As a DJ, gearing up might be pleasurable experience, but in most cases, it’s a total drag. Finding your mixers, controllers, consoles, and headphones...
Mixing and mastering studio

7 Best Heapdhones for Mixing and Mastering

Gear wise, there’s plenty of things a studio engineer needs, and one of those things is a good set of headphones for mixing and...
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6 Cheap Studio Headphones that are Surprisingly Good

Studio headphones usually don’t come cheap. In fact, there are models that cost way beyond $1000. If you’re on a budget and need a...